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Return Our Country To Christian Beliefs

An article was published in last week’s Mitchell County (Ga.) newspaper that was written by a local resident R. L. Parramore. It was rather long but several good points were made that will be my topic for this week’s column.

Mr. Parramore titled his article “Historic Parallel In The Civil War And 2011.” He says that in each of these eras traditional Christian belief was tossed aside. “The Confederate States tossed aside Christian belief and embraced slavery. Today this nation once again has turned its back on Christian belief embracing globalism, preemption, abnormal sexual behavior and abortion.”

Globalism is not an expression of Christian belief but is driven by huge profit margins. He says China’s hourly wage is 65 cents while union workers earn $75.00 an hour. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) is the legal basis that supports the lawful means by which globalist are restructuring at taxpayers’ expense almost every aspect of life in America today. NAFTA has deliberately supported imports and foreign outsourcing that has caused the loss of three million jobs from 2000-2006. Parramore goes on to say that forty million jobs will be at risk of being shipped out of the U.S. in the next decade and names the sources where he got the information.

He writes that the U.S. policy of using military force since December 1989’s invasion of Panama is not an expression of Christian belief. Our country’s preemption policy implies that U.S. Security goals will be achieved by using any means necessary, including military force.

“For 22 years now the U.S. has officially been at war. No end to the 1991 Gulf War has been officially declared by law or presidential proclamation,” Parramore writes. He goes on to say that the last four U.S. presidents have led the U.S. in a continuous state of war with a large loss of life, destruction, billions of dollars spent and much heartache.

The strategic engagement policy of Containment was advocated by presidents Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan. The wisdom, the morality, the success of the policy was clearly validated by the U.S. when President Ronald Reagan finessed the collapse of a world class super power, the Soviet Union, in a victory achieved without a shot fired or a life lost, he wrote.

There are four reasons for going to war according to Parramore. Take land, enrich the national treasury, self-defense and going to the aid of a trusted friend. He says that self-defense and going to the aid of a trusted friend are expression of Christian belief.

Abnormal sexual behavior (homosexual, lesbian, etc.) he believes is a belief driven by choice and is not an expression of Christian belief. “Regardless if one places a good or bad label on abnormal sexual behavior, to be active in abnormal sexual behavior, to be active in normal sexual behavior, such behavior is expressive of belief driven choice. Belief driven choice defines who an individual is or collectively who a people are. And life is all about choices,” Parramore writes.

The 1973 Roe vs. Wade U.S. Supreme Court decision legitimized another choice, Pro-Choice and since that ruling over 50 million lives have ended in the womb. Over 3,600 lives are terminated in the womb each day. The 1973 law also give a woman the right to have an abortion if the pregnancy is a result of rape, incest or the mother’s life is in danger.

Parramore posed the question near the end of his article; What can the individual do to turn this country around?” Assuming leadership at the grass roots level in small town U.S.A. remains in possession of its Christian belief, its manhood, its moral courage, civic and veteran’s organizations, and clergy must step in the breach to fill the leadership vacuum that is U.S. government today.

It is not too late to return our nation to tried and true traditional Christian belief if those of us who feel as Mr. Parramore does will step forward and do our duty for God and our country.

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