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There was excitement on the usually quiet streets of Ehrhardt, as the Casting Producer, Rachel Stevens, and the Camera Operator, Nicolas McEntarfer, from BBC Worldwide Productions' headquarters in Los Angeles, interviewed various citizens on the streets of Ehrhardt. Rachel found out about Ehrhardt online at, Ehrhardt's website that was dedicated to the town last year by me (Susan Kearse Clayton). She then grew more intrigued about Ehrhardt's people and personalities on Facebook, where Susan, Martha Clayton Banfield and Beth Hiers Thomas host the 'Fans of Ehrhardt, SC' Facebook page. Rachel began contacting town officials based on the information on the sister web sites, and was well received. Kristi Sease Branham, who owns Dollar Days, along with her mother, Eunice Ann (Flucie) Sease, elected to act as hosts for the production company and graciously received interviewees at their door.

The town of Ehrhardt is among seven other small towns vying for a spot on a variation of an unscripted TV documentary series entitled, 'The Week the Women Went'. BBC Worldwide Productions already has successful variations of the same show in England, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Holland and they have a green light to go straight to series in the U.S. They plan to send the ladies from the chosen small town to a spa of their choice for a week, while their men and children are left to fend for themselves. The social experiment will be to observe what happens when the women are taken out of the equation entirely, and how those left behind will cope. This show will tell the town wide story, mainly through a focus on a number of people and families.

Rachel and Nicolas from BBC Worldwide Productions stayed at Broxton Bridge Plantation the night before and the interviews began Friday morning at Kristi Sease Branham's Dollar Days. Mikki Ehrhardt Murden and Betty Hiers came to represent the historic background of Ehrhardt, since. Mikki ancestors link directly back to the town founder, Conrad Ehrhardt. Mikki provided a storyboard of the town's history and there was a beautiful fresh floral arrangement on a table at the door as interviewees entered.

Mayor Stanley also came out to welcome BBC Worldwide Productions and allowed them to interview him. He said that having BBC Worldwide Productions put Ehrhardt in the spotlight is good publicity and can only help the town. Others who live and work in town came out to Dollar Days to interview and when possible, Rachel and Nick went to the citizen's places of business to interview them in their own work environments.

The diversity of the people who were interviewed and their wide coverage of the town allowed them to get a better feel for what living in the town is actually like.

BBC Worldwide Productions planned to interview for only two hours, but ended up staying all day in our gracious little town.

They lunched at Rachel's, where they were served the best of our area's country cooking, then proceeded to do more interviewing. They ended up at the Town Hall, where Chad Dilling, Chief of Police, and Aaron Dilling were the last interviewees. After such a long and busy day spent getting to know our beloved small town, we feel that Rachel and Nick were shown the best of Ehrhardt and we hope that Ehrhardt will be chosen to film 'The Week the Women Went'. But whether or not we're chosen for the series, we still feel quite honored to be considered for the opportunity.

All of the interviewees did well and Rachel later revealed that they really enjoyed their time in Ehrhardt and that we were great hosts.

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