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Disabilities Awareness Month Consumer Profile John Henry “Brock” Broxton

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

March is Disabilities and Special Needs Awareness Month. And in observance of the month the Bamberg County Disabilities and Special Needs Board is recognizing several of its “Consumers.”

One such Consumer widely known in the Bamberg community is John Henry “Brock” Broxton. John is a 52-year old African-American male who has been receiving services through SCDDSN since March 21, 1974.

“Brock” as he is known in the community resides with his sister and caregiver, Ms. Willie Mae Broxton. “Brock” receives Level 1 Service Coordination, Day Activity, and Support Center Services through Bamberg County DSN Board. He previously volunteered his time at the Bamberg Piggly and Family Dollar Store. He assisted customers with bagging and getting their items to their vehicles. He is now committed to attending the Adult Day Program 5 days per week.

“Brock” has progressed significantly in the past few years. He was unable to communicate to and with others because of difficulty in speaking. After receiving training and engaging in activities, he is now able to communicate his needs and wants and to communicate with others effectively. He is very vocal and active in the community.

“Brock” enjoys eating out at his favorite restaurants, B&B Meats and Family Kitchen and McDonald’s. He likes to attend community festivals. “Brock” enjoys individual sessions and interacting with others in group activities.

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