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Bamberg County Hospital...‘Still making a difference’

Joyce M. Searson, Publisher

For most of us, the thought of having surgery and the word rehabilitation never crosses our minds…but that definitely was not the case for senior football player, Zephania Grimes with a knee injury, and avid golfer, Rad Free with a shoulder injury.

These two Bamberg natives found out how important the part of rehabilitation after surgery is. Both Free and Grimes said they were very fortunate because they were able to get the therapy treatment that was needed right here in Bamberg at their local hospital.

In 2010, Physical Therapist, Allison Carr, treated Grimes in Bamberg Rehab with a knee injury after he was referred by the Moore Orthopedics Clinic in Columbia.

Grimes trained hard in physical therapy with dynamic knee stability exercises including agility training, plyometrics, yoga and core training and then went back to finish his senior year. He just recently signed with Illinois University for a scholarship to play football in the fall.

“After I started rehab in Bamberg, I started seeing a big difference. Mrs. Carr worked me harder than Coach Crosby,” said Grimes.

Rad Free had extensive rotator cup surgery in June 2010, so extensive that he could not go to rehab for seven weeks. He was in rehab for thirteen weeks.

“They were great in Bamberg. I requested Bamberg instead of Orangeburg, because it was convenient and I felt like Bamberg Rehab could do just as well,” said Free.

He said between the surgery and rehab, he has already exceeded everyone’s expectation. “I am already back to playing golf.”

In order to cut costs, Bamberg County Hospital partners/contracts with Low Country Health Care Network (501©(3) not for profit), a rural health network, to provide Physical and Occupational Therapy services to outpatients, hospital inpatients and swing bed patients.

Low Country Health Care Network has been working with healthcare providers in Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell and Hampton counties since 1998. Bamberg Rehab Clinic accepts referrals from all providers in and around the community including Columbia, Aiken, Orangeburg and Charleston. Patients do not have to drive the distance to receive the quality, service-friendly rehab services which are already provided by local therapists living in the Bamberg area.

Bamberg native Elizabeth Weaver, Occupational Therapist and Clinical Manager at Bamberg Rehab for ten years; Allison and Michael Carr, Physical Therapists, have relocated to Bamberg from Charleston and Julie Silver, COTA from St. George, all provide the local care needed at the center.

Cliff Bauer, interim administrator at the Bamberg Hospital, “these are great examples and great stories about how the local hospital can make a difference in the community.”

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