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Hospital not delinquent

Dear Editor,

In last week’s Advertizer- Herald, I read an article stating “Mr. Bruce Ellis wanting to put an end to rumors that the BPW was terminating services at Bamberg County Memorial Hospital.”

Bamberg County Memorial Hospital represents a vital component in the quality of life and services to residents of Bamberg County. We appreciate the support of Bamberg County government in not only maintaining our current operating services but expanding and improving all that we do.

Thank you for allowing us to further clarify our standing with the BPW.

Cliff J. Bauer, Interim CEO

Lost treasure has been returned

Dear Editor,

After eating lunch one Sunday back in January, my family and I decided to stop by the Orangeburg Flea Market.

The sun seemed to shine down on this one particular item – a bronze plaque.

As I read the inscription I knew I couldn’t leave it on the table. It had been recovered from the sale of a storage unit, so I was told.

Major Joseph A. Bishop had been killed in Vietnam in 1968 when his helicopter went down.

As a student at West Point he earned 3 letters in Varsity football. He also sang in the chorus. Later he became a professor of Physics in that same school. He was a husband and father of two.

After several attempts to connect with Major Bishop’s family, I’d almost given up.

But, through the assistance of West Point’s Alumni network, they were able to aid me in my mission.

Today, I am happy to say “Major Joe” (as I’ve fondly referred) plaque is on its way to the hands of his widow in Savannah, Georgia.

Cathy Griffin, Bamberg

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