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On April 5, 2011 voters in the City of Bamberg will go to the polls to fill one open Commissioner’s seat for a six year-term on the Bamberg Board of Public Works with all precincts being involved.

In the election for a commissioner’s seat on the Bamberg Board of Public Works, four candidates have filed the necessary papers to run:

Bob Clary has lived in Bamberg most of his life. He served as a Commissioner on the Board of Public Works for twelve years and says he “considered it an honor.” Clary, former owner of Radio Station WWBD for many years said “I would love to tell you that I would work for lower prices, but we all know that nothing cost less these days.” Clary said that he will promise to try and keep the citizens of Bamberg’s utility bills “as low as possible” while still providing BPW workers with “the best, most efficient and safe equipment with which to work.”

Jeff Deibel of Bamberg, a candidate for a Commissioner’s seat on the BPW touts his experience, knowledge, skills and engineering background to continue the BPW’s traditions and fulfill the expectations of the citizens of Bamberg. Deibel, who lists his current positions held as ROF Corporation, President; Rising High Foundation, Executive Director, Public Charity and Bamberg County Office on Aging, Part-Time Transportation said his goals as a Commissioner would be to “ Support actions and policies that will encourage growth, create jobs, keep utility rates low and work to make Bamberg an opportunity community for all citizens.”

Sharon Hammond, who is running for a Commissioner’s seat on the BPW cites her 28-year career as a manager for Verizon Corporation and AT&T in New York and her present position as the Director of Emergency Services and E-911 in Bamberg County as her qualifications for the job. “I understand the operations of providing adequate services of gas, electricity, water, and sewage to improve the quality of life for all citizens,” Hammond said noting the BPW is “one of the top rated municipal utilities in the state. “My interest on the BPW is to serve the community.”

William Matthew “Matt” Medlin, a small business owner in Bamberg and a former employee of the Bamberg Board of Public Works for a number of years, said he is running for a Commissioners seat on the BPW out of concern about the City’s utility rates and quality of service. “We all wake up every morning to lights, water, gas and heat and that is something I think we all take for granted,” Medlin said. Adding that he looks forward to working with the other BPW Commissioners and employees to “make Bamberg a better place to live.”

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