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City of Bamberg Assistant Police Chief Sammie Bamberg was honored with a reception Tuesday in the Bamberg City Hall after 35 years of dedicated service to the City of Bamberg. On hand for Bamberg’s retirement reception were members of his family, City of Bamberg officials and a large number of his colleagues in city and county law enforcement, who offered the following comments:

“I tried in every way I could to keep you from retiring,” Bamberg Police Chief George Morris told an emotional Bamberg, adding, “no one is going to miss you more than I will, the City is going to miss you and your dedication.” Chief Morris said several major crimes in the County of Bamberg have been solved because of the work of assistant police Chief Sammie Bamberg.

“Your position will be filled, but (Sammie) will never be replaced,” Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell said. “Sammie has a knack that many of us need; he has that quality that all of us in law enforcement need and that is common sense.” Sheriff Darnell noted that a number of people wanted for serious crimes over the years, voluntarily turned themselves in to Officer Bamberg, “because they respected him.”

Lt. James Smoaks said he has worked with Bamberg for 13 years, “we will not be able to replace you, it was a pleasure I’m going to miss you.”

Bamberg County Sheriff’s Department Officer Paulette McDonald said Officer Bamberg reminded her of late deputy Charles Grimes, who had away of defusing a tense situation. “All he had to say was let’s go,” adding “I’m going to miss you.”

City of Bamberg Clerk/Treasurer Bruce Watson said a quality about Officer Bamberg he observed over the last 16-years were that “he (Bamberg) listened more than he spoke. You are truly a class act and have always been a class act, we’re going to miss you," Watson said.

“How can you say good bye to a legend and institution," City of Bamberg Municipal Judge Craig Threatt said of Bamberg, whom he noted he has worked with for 20 years, in congratulating him on his retirement.

Bamberg Police Commissioner Bo Griffin said that when he thinks of Officer Bamberg he thinks of the three-C’s “calm, cool, collected and professional.” Griffin thanked Bamberg’s family for the support they have given him over his 35-years in law enforcement. “There is no greater love than a man who puts his life on the line for his fellow man. Officer Bamberg you have done that every day for 35 years, thank you from the bottom of my heart and I'm honored to say those words to you and your family,” Griffin said.

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