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At the Ehrhardt Town Council meeting:

• Chief of Public Safety Chad Dilling reported the fire department responded to two brush fires and one yard fire. Chief Dilling reported that lighting in the garage area of the fire station is bad and will need to be replaced. The chief noted that he will secure quotes for new lights and fixtures. The fire department has received the title for the Mack Tanker Truck which will be taken for sale on Friday with the proceeds to be applied toward the loan on the new truck.

• Dilling reported the police department held a drivers license check point and made several case files including: DUS 3rd, DUI and one arrest for marijuana found. The police department also created case files for the month in the following areas; A larceny on Ehrhardt Road and at the park; a burglary on Allen Street; recovered a four-wheeler stolen from S&S Disposal found in Barnwell County and the department is looking for another four-wheeler. The Chief announced the hiring of police officer Tybee Stroman. It was noted that the police department’s new computer is doing “very well” and reports have been sent to SLED.

• It was reported in the public works department report that water collections for October were $10,286.40 and for November $10,912.11. It was also noted that 13 customers had their service cutoff.

• In a report on the status of the proposed family health medical center in Ehrhardt it was reported that a meeting with medical officials from Orangeburg was held and resources are being checked out. It was stated that health officials are “very interested” in starting a clinic in the area and another meeting “for support” is being scheduled for January.

• Mr. Frank Boardman asked if the old fire hydrants could be put up for sale. Noting that they could be sand blasted, painted and sold on the internet. In a special meeting of Ehrhardt Town Council on Wednesday, December 15, Council members took the following actions:

• Approved a resolution of intent for flood insurance and gave first reading approval by title only to Ordinance No. 2010-06 Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance. It was noted that this ordinance will require three readings to be approved with the second reading to be held on Friday, December 17, at 3:00 p.m.

• Council members approved the appointment of an appeals board to include: Chairman Bill Edinger, Freddie Copeland and Bennie Hughes as members.

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