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I need a home

Dear Editor,

Please make sure Santa sees this.

I am a good little boy, but shy. I have lived at MAMA's animal shelter for about 2 months after someone dumped me out. About the only thing that I want for Christmas is a home with a family who will take care of me as if I was a person. One other wish is for my other canine friends to have homes also - especially the older dogs who never get adopted. I look forward to seeing your sleigh going through the sky over MAMA's.

Love, Marco - MAMAS

Shame on you

Dear Editor,

Shame on you Bamberg County Council for vehemently admonishing the Advertizer – Herald and Times & Democrat newspapers at the December 6, 2010 County Council meeting. These newspapers were performing their civic duty to inform the public and answer questions submitted to them. Bamberg County Council has been wrestling with the Bamberg County Hospital situation for years. I do not fault council for trying to deal with the hospital issue. I am criticizing them for not communicating with the hospital employees and the public. County Council and the Bamberg County Hospital Board should have had open dialogue with the hospital employees and the public when they first started to investigate ways to improve health care delivery in Bamberg County. If County Council and the Hospital Board had presented the same information they provided at the December 6, 2010 council meeting when they first started discussions about the hospital, they would not have had upset employees and citizens voicing their concerns. I am pleased the Advertizer – Herald and Times & Democrat newspapers are involved with informing the public on this issue. If as the County Council says, “Bad information was disseminated”, then the fault squarely lays on the shoulders of County Council and the Hospital Board for not keeping the employees and the public informed. Any and all closed door meetings of elected and appointed officials should be challenged and answered to. The Shining Light of Freedom, cannot be extinguished when the Shining Light of the Press is glowing brightly on our elected officials. Thank you Advertizer – Herald and Times & Democrat newspapers.

Ronald R. Moulder, citizen, Bamberg, S.C.

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