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The Bamberg County Assessor's office just made life a little more simpler for everyone with its new state-of-the art Global Imaging System (GIS).

The Bamberg County Assessor's GIS program is sponsored by Q Public on the Bamberg County website. GIS will make it easy to find out who owns property, how much property and where it is located. To be able to get aerial views, maps and to view property lines, you can subscribe for a small fee and have access to this information as well.

"We had to go from paper copy to old maps to a computer system with the new GIS mapping. Lower Savannah COG helped get new aerial flight photographs and get every parcel (over 13,000) digitized. 'Where Technology Happens' (WTH) helped integrate all the tax information to the GIS program. This took approximately a little over a year," said Bamberg County Tax Assessor Doretta Elliott.

Elliott says after all Bamberg County mapping was completed on GIS, a company named Q Public put all the information on the Bamberg County website making it available to the public at no expense to the county.

Now instead of having to physically go to the Assessor's office at the courthouse, you can go online to see the records and get information.

Elliott said "We are always going to be here and be available to help the public. But we do want to make our records more accessible and make things a little easier for everyone."

Bamberg County mapper Terra Brown worked really hard to make sure the GIS program is accurate and top quality. "I am really proud of all the hard work she has put into this," said Elliott.

In order to access the GIS program go to:, then scroll to Departments, then Tax Services, then Tax Assessor, and finally Parcel & GIS Maps on right.

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