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City of Denmark hosts Julius Daniels Blues Festival Print E-mail

The Historic Society of Bamberg presented the first Julius Daniels Memorial Blues Festival October 23, at 7 PM at 'The Dane Theatre' in Denmark.

Several dozen blues enthusiasts clapped in rhythm to Drink Small’s guitar and songs with Small’s personal comments as he inserted “If you love me, paw the air!” Arms up and hands waving, the audience ‘Pawed the air’ in rhythm to Drink’s excellent guitar strummin’.

Drink Small is South Carolina’s venerable “Blues Doctor” and the Palmetto State’s living blues treasure. Internationally renowned for his deep blues and irresistible showmanship this 77-year-old legend made his first Denmark appearance in many years (over forty years ago Drink studied barbering at Denmark Technical College).

In 1990, Small became the recipient of the South Carolina Folk Heritage Award for Blues Guitar and Singing. Dr. Michael Townsend, Sr., President of Denmark Technical College, presented 77 year old Drink Small with an honorary doctoral degree.

All proceeds go to create a Bamberg County Museum.

A great day in the park

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

“Saturday, in the park, it seemed like a Fourth of July,” were the words of the group, “Chicago’s” song. It was a great day for the Julius Daniels Memorial Blues Festival Free Concert in the Jim Harrison Park in downtown Denmark.

A large number of local residents and people passing through stopped by to listen to Blues groups, “Hitman” of Savannah, Georgia and The Meeting Street Sheiks of Charleston, perform a number of selections by Denmark native son Julius Daniels.

“The ultimate Folk and Blues legend,” is how the members of the band “Hitman” described Julius Daniels, who was born in Denmark in 1902 and was the first South Carolina Blues artist to record his music before he died in Charlotte N.C.

The Meeting Street Sheiks performed a number of Daniels’ records including the popular “99 Year Blues.” “We’re loving it,” is how Rebecca Fenno, wife of a band member described her feelings about the concert.

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