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Vote Tuesday, November 2

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

The 2010 General Election is Tuesday, November 2, the time for sound bites and campaign slogans are coming to an end. Locally, candidates will be on the ballot for the following Bamberg County Offices and face no opposition: County Auditor, County Treasurer, County Council District 3, County Council District 6, County Council District 2, Soil and Water District Commission and Willow Swamp Watershed Conservation District.

Other local races of interest include: State House of Representatives District 90 (No opposition) and U.S. House of Representative District 6 where the incumbent candidate has opposition.

State-wide in South Carolina the following offices will be contested on Election Day...Governor of South Carolina, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State Treasurer (No Opposition), State Attorney General, Comptroller General, State Superintendent of Education, Adjutant General (No Opposition), Commissioner of Agriculture and U.S. Senate.

Voters will also be faced with a number of Statewide Constitutional Amendments on this year's ballot

The polls will open at 7:00 a.m. and close at 7:00 p.m. on Election Day in the following locations: Colston, Edisto Fork, Ehrhardt, East Denmark, Govan, Hightower's Mill, Hunters Chapel, Kearse, Little Swamp, Olar, South Bamberg, West Denmark and North Bamberg.

'You have a voice, your vote counts.'

Trinity Pumpkin Patch winners

The overall winner in the Pet Halloween costume contest was Lucy, a miniature Labradoodle, dressed as the world's best fisherman and the proud owner is Pam Squires.

First place winner of the Scarecrow contest was the Marshall Bunch Clan with 'The Witch'. Pictured are John Marshall and Colston Bunch.

The Grand winner of the Scarecrow contest was Mrs. Rutland and Mrs. Linder's 4-k class, titled 'Merry Christmas.’

Matthew Richardson

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

The Democratic candidate for S.C. State Attorney General, Matthew Richardson, says he wants to be “the people’s attorney general.

Richardson, who was born and raised in Barnwell County and grew up in Bamberg County, is the grandson of the late S.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Julius B. “Bubba” Ness and Katherine “Kat” Ness. He is the son of attorney Terry Richardson and Gail Ness Richardson of Barnwell and also the nephew of Attorney Richard Ness of Bamberg. He said he grew up in a family talking about how the law and courts should work for everyone.

Richardson gave his views on several issues facing voters this election cycle. On Immigration he stated: “This is not a partisan issue, it is very important to have a temporary Guest Worker Program so that industries like agriculture, farming and forestry can operate."

On the new health care law passed by Congress, while acknowledging that 30-million people cannot continue to use the emergency room as their primary care physician, he would continue the law suit filed by a number of states attorney generals against the measure calling it “an unprecedented use of the Commerce Clause” to mandate that each individual get health insurance. He noted that his opponent only wanted to “politicize the issue of health care.”


Jerry Durgan, Contributing Writer

At the October Bamberg School District Two School Board meeting, Reverend Rufus Jamison spoke to the Board about children getting to school too early in the morning. “I am going to give Samella Edwards two minutes of my time (in addressing the Board), but I want to say that the buses are getting too early to the school. The students need to be able to get into the classroom … or either the cafeteria…instead of sitting on the cold floor … waiting for the teachers to get there.”

Grandmother Samella Edwards spoke about a problem she has with cross-dressing at the Middle School. “I have children, my grandchildren, at the Middle School and I am a bit concerned as a parent. It really bothers me. The principal there is doing a very good job and (this) is no reflection on him (about) what I’m about to say. I have already spoken to him, but I am concerned about this cross-dressing. In a day and time like this when children are being badgered … you see in the news about what’s going on … I need some clarity on this cross-dressing. Why is it that my granddaughter has to come to school dressed like a boy and my boy has to come dressed like a girl with a wig and lipstick and all that stuff. I have a problem with that. I have a problem with that.”

Board Chairman Larry Bias responded, saying “It’s the spirit.”

“I know it’s the spirit, but what spirit is that?” Edwards asked.

Supt. Sellers emphasized, “I encourage the entire community, that if you have a problem, the proper procedure is to notify the principal.

Ms. Edwards responded, “I was in the school the day that the announcement was made. It was explained that the boys come (to the school) dressed like girls and the girls come dressed like boys. I said to the principal at that time that I don’t agree with that. I was under the impression that it was approved (by the superintendent) but in my mind it was not approved. That’s why I am here today. I will contact you (concerning the problem).”

Corey Bamberg new SRO

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Stating “I’m just glad to be back home, it feels good, it feels great to be back at my alma mater,” Bamberg native, BEHS graduate and 13-year law enforcement veteran Corey Bamberg was recently named the new School Resource Officer (SRO) at Bamberg- Ehrhardt High School.

Officer Bamberg, who described himself as “a people person” said his first approach will be to try to work with the students. He noted his biggest challenge as SRO is “being seen by the kids” in order to build relationships. “I want to be with them every step of the way.”

Red Ribbon Week

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

“Each and every one of you has talent. You were put here for a reason. It’s a matter of finding your talent-all you need to do is find your purpose,” is the message that renowned Atlanta, Georgia storyteller and author Calvin Sims tried to get across to students at Bamberg-Ehrhardt High School Monday morning in the B-E Gymnasium as the school observed national Red Ribbon Week.

“When you take drugs you are taking a poison. People use drugs because they feel bad, not because they feel good.” Sims told the students the story of former University of Maryland star basketball player Len Bias, who signed a multi-million dollar contract to play basketball with the Boston Celtics and shortly after died of a drug overdose.

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