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Ehrhardt is a shining example...

I just want to say a few words about those fine and hard working folks down in the little Town of Ehrhardt. Ehrhardt should be a shining example of what a small town can do when everyone works together.

The Schuetzenfest Festival and the fact that it has been around for 35 five years says a lot about the people and the town itself.

Most everyone that has ever had anything to do with organizing and starting a festival knows how much hard work, planning and the many decisions that are to be made. It just does not happen over night.

Schuetzenfest is a weeklong festival filled with fun and activities for everyone. There is the beauty pageant, a Singspiration, bingo, a fine tasting of Ehrhardt’s cooking, a live auction and of course street dancing…all this leading up to the big day of the parade on Saturday and all the other events on Saturday. I don’t want to even think about how much work goes into this festival…I just know from talking to everyone first hand, how hard each person on the committee worked and how successful the festival is.

All the proceeds from the festival…yes by the way…Schuetzenfest produces money…money used to buy equipment for the town and other things that are needed. Isn’t that great, the fact that it makes money for the town. The festival is a big plus for the town. It brings back people that live out of town, friends get to see one another and everyone enjoys the fellowship.

I could just keep on…but I want to make a point. If a small town comes together and everyone works together as a TEAM, a lot can be accomplished.

I have talked to some committee members about their success and they have a lot of good ideas and pointers. I certainly would like to see our TreasureFest Festival start back in Bamberg. In my opinion, TreasureFest died when it was moved to the Ness Sports Complex, not because of the road construction. A festival needs to be in the heart of the town, not on a back street that no one could even find, unless you live here. Every town needs a festival to attract out-of-towners , bring back old friends and it also creates a sense of accomplishment among everyone that lives there. It also generates a feeling of togetherness and pride and we find out what we are really made of.

Once again, I want to congratulate all the fine people in Ehrhardt on a job well done and commend you on your hard work and a special thank you to Pansy Clayton for doing such a great job on the memory book…which I know firsthand how much work is involved in publishing it.

Yes…Ehrhardt…you are a shining example and should be an inspiration to all the other little communities in Bamberg County.

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