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Cap and trade forces jobs overseas

Whether you realize it or not we Americans are living in a global economy and if the Obama administration enacts more policies that make it more expensive to manufacture products in the United States then these products will be made in other countries and shipped here.

The Affordable Energy Act of 2009, better known as Cap and Trade, will raise the cost of energy for every American according to numerous studies that have been done. Many folks in the know refer to Cap and Trade as Cap and Tax because they say that if the cost of energy rises dramatically there is a good chance that industrial production will move to China or other countries that do not have high energy cost. China and other foreign nation already have advantages over American producers due to the cost of labor.

While United States taxpayers are presently paying to support the preservation of United Auto Workers jobs with their huge pay and benefit cost, the Obama administration is willing to force industrial production overseas. That is probably why the administration is also supporting Card Check legislation that will allow easy unionization of millions of workers in the service industries because they know that its other policies adopted will destroy millions of well paying industrial jobs in this nation. Based upon the experiences of other countries that have subsidized alternative energy sources through higher energy prices, Cap and Tax will cost our nation two million jobs per year.

There must be a group of high level folks who will benefit from the passage of Cap and Tax for such a damaging plan to be even considered. Some of the main benefactors of this program will be politically connected to the administration and time will show that.

Former Vice President Al Gore, author of Inconvenient Truth, started Generational Investment Management (GIM) in 2004 to provide funding to businesses associated with alternative energy. It has been learned that GIM also happens to own ten percent of the Chicago Climate Exchange which will issue the carbon credits that Cap and Tax legislation is based upon. Everyone has a right to start businesses and make investments but we should keep an eye on any politician that might run for president and fails to carry his home state. That tells me his home state folks know him very well.

Gore became a partner in the venture capital firm of Kleiman, Perkins, Claufield and Byers (KPCB) in 2007. This firm is heavily involved in renewable energy and the market for their products is almost totally dependent on government programs that provide subsidies, and tax breaks. Gore’s contribution to KPCB is to promote government intervention into the energy markets.

It is also well known that venture capital and investment firms that will have a stake in the trading of carbon credits have made large contributions to legislators proposing Cap and Trade legislation. No doubt that the American public will lose in the form of higher energy cost and jobs lost while some politically well connected individuals will have much to gain as the result of more government regulation of energy consumption.

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