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Ehrhardt to seek loan to complete water system upgrade Print E-mail

In a water system improvement project of over $3 million dollars, up to now the town of Ehrhardt has only had to borrow approximately $60,000. Mayor Bill Stanley informed council members at their July 20, meeting that the town has already paid off that note to the bank.

In the next 45-days the town will seek a similar loan, with approximately the same monthly payments of $500 per month from the bank to complete the project. It was also noted that at some time in the future “not now” the town may have to raise rates for the operational cost of the new water system.

Also during the meeting:

. Council members discussed the possibility of hiring Bamberg County Chief Magistrate Craig Threatt as the town’s next municipal judge. Council members said their main concern was that they come to an agreement on a salary. Police Commissioner Bill Edinger noted that it was important that the next judge be someone that will “listen to the people.”

. Council members agreed on a “one time basis” to pay an additional $1,500 on an auditor’s agreement contract because of the additional governmental grants the town has received for the water system upgrades. The original auditor’s agreement called for a fee of $6,500 to be paid.

. It was noted during the meeting that the town’s present garbage disposal contract with S & S will be up at the end of July. The current rate that customers now pay for garbage service will increase from $7.50 per month to $ 9.00 per month. Council members agreed that a meeting needed to be held with S & S to obtain a “correct count” on how many customers are being served before a new contract is signed.

. Council heard a report on the water system upgrade that noted the sidewalks in the town were “torn up pretty good” but the construction company is working with the town’s citizens to be as less disruptive as possible. It was also noted that the construction company erecting the new water tower has put one coat of paint on the water tower and will be back to put on one or more coats of paints. The final color of the water tower will be of a “pale green” color when finished. It was also noted that the company charged $5,200 to have the town’s name place on the tower which did not include the town zip code S.C. 29081.

. Council heard a report that the town’s citizens were “anxiously” waiting for the Verizon Cell Phone Tower to become activated.

. Council heard a report that September 30, would be the deadline to use funds for the Copeland Ball Field. It was noted that a hood was needed in the kitchen, and the installation of a six-foot asphalt walking track at the park was also discussed.

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