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Denmark City Council members gave their unanimous approval to a petition from the South Carolina State Budget and Control Board to annex the campus of Denmark Technical College into the city at their July 19, monthly meeting. Council members had previously voted to approve a petition from Denmark Technical College to be annexed into the city and the last step was to approve a petition from State Budget and Control Board because the DTC contained state property.

Council member Hope Long-Weldon questioned if the annexation would add to the city’s census figures. She was told that the city could expect “a significant change in march-in the spring” when the census figures become available.

Also during the meeting:

• Council held a public hearing on the Denmark Public Library. Mary Jo Dawson, Director of the ABBE said that the new library, which will be located adjacent to the Denmark Fire Department on land donated by the city was “a cause to celebrate.” Bamberg County Administrator Rose Dobson- Elliott noted at the beginning of the public hearing that the library association had received $396,000 through the efforts of Rep. Bakari Sellers’ office and hoped to secure a USDA Grant to cover the balance. Architect Daniel Shelley reported that the 2,900 square feet facility was designed to “be expandable and will offer 10-times more than the present facility.” It was noted that the new library will have eight or nine personal computers and three or four for children, which was noted as the “largest growing section of the library.”

• Also during the meeting council members heard a presentation from Jerry Bell, Co-President of the Bamberg Chamber of Commerce and Nancy Foster, President of the Bamberg County Historical Society to hold a one-day, first annual Julius Daniels Blues Festival in the city of Denmark on Saturday, October 23. Bell said the major reason for the festival was to bring tourist into the area. “We want to let you know what we’re doing,” Bell said. Adding, “This can be a big deal, we need your blessings,” Bell said. “You got it,” Mayor Gerald Wright replied.

• City finance director Rusty Munoz reported that the city’s business license revenue was below expectations however expenditures were below budget as well. The water fund continues to improve also Munoz reported. “It was an excellent year from a financial perspective,” Mayor Wright said.

• Police Chief Leroy Grimes reported that the police department created 65 new cases for the period of June 21, through July 19. The department hired a new officer, Officer Kenneth D. Simmons. The chief reported the police department received a $14,591 Grant under the FY10 Recovery Act Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program.

• City Administrator Heyward Robinson reported the public works department installed 21 new fire hydrants vales this month, cleared sewer lines and repaired 6 or 7 leaks this month.

• Fire Chief Charles Breland reported that the department is averaging 19 members in attendance at meetings and the department has received five applications for the engineer’s position. Council member Bonnie Love asked if there was a problem with volunteers helping at night. Chief Breland said the biggest problem is during the day when members are working.

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