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After 150 years of history and surviving General William Tecumseh Sherman’s march to the sea, a steady rain could not dampen spirits Thursday morning as a State Historical Marker dedicated by Dr. Richard C. Bamberg and the Historic Society of Bamberg County, was unveiled honoring Major William Seaborn Bamberg (1820-1858), Founder and the first Mayor of the City of Bamberg, at the family’s historic Pinewood Plantation Home.

Ryan Bamberg of Norfolk, Virginia along with his father Dr. Richard C. Bamberg of Greenville, North Carolina, descendents of William Seaborn Bamberg, and Edith Bamberg of James Island, widow of the late Greaton E. Bamberg, Jr., were in attendance at the dedication and presented the historical marker to Pinewood Plantation and Bamberg County.

“It is an honor. This historical marker revealed that Major William Seaborn Bamberg made a major contribution to Bamberg County and South Carolina,” Ryan Bamberg said. “We’re so proud of him. On behalf of Major William Seaborn Bamberg and his family, I present this marker here today to Pinewood Plantation, to Bamberg County in South Carolina and the nation. We will long remember Major William Seaborn Bamberg and his contributions.”

Nancy Foster, president of the Historic Society of Bamberg, said the marker honoring Major William Seaborn Bamberg was the 14th such marker in Bamberg County. Foster said the Historic Society takes “small steps but significant steps” in recording Bamberg County’s history. “Bamberg is rich with history. There is so much more to do and document. Today’s dedication is a true credit to the City of Bamberg and the Bamberg Historic Society. We are well in debt to Major William Seaborn Bamberg and his family and this would not be possible without the generosity of Dr. Richard C. Bamberg,” Foster said.

Historian Betty Jane Miller in giving the history of John George Bamberg, who was born in Pennsylvania and was a Lutheran Minister, and whose name was on the Muster Roll of the British Army said, “It is a miracle to me that John George Bamberg came to what is now Bamberg County, which was once part of the Barnwell District.” Miller said that it was also a miracle that Bamberg’s Pinewood Plantation Home was not destroyed by Sherman’s troops during the Civil War. “Great souls, people of faith,” is how Miller described the Bamberg family who founded the City of Bamberg which was chartered in 1855.

Bamberg Mayor Alton McCollum welcomed everyone there followed by the Invocation given by Rev. Tim Bryson of the Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church, Ehrhardt. Music was provided by Musicians Evelyn and L.A. Gardner-"Sleytown."

After the unveiling of the marker, a reception was held on the grounds with a tour of Pinewood Plantation.

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