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Gubernatorial Candidate Jim Rex visits Bamberg

Lisa B. Stokes, Contributing Writer

South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Jim Rex met with members of the Bamberg County Democratic Party on Wednesday, May 19 for a 9:00 a.m. breakfast gathering. Rex told those in attendance “we have to win this election because our state is going in the wrong direction. I think people are looking for a different kind of governor.” Rex said he has the executive experience and is someone who knows how to manage “our dollars.”

The State Department of Education Chief believes the South Carolina governor’s race will draw a “tremendous amount of national interest in the election when it is realized in June that a Democrat can win.” Rex said right now we have a lot of buyer’s remorse in South Carolina. “We need someone who understands education and understands that diversity is a benefit, not a liability. Rex shared his concern about lack of funding for education--noting that South Carolina schools are currently being funded at the rate that they were funded in 1994. “We are not going to be a competitive state without an educated job force, “he said.

Rex said all candidates have good ideas, but when you elect someone, you should look at their track record. Rex said he believes the State is stuck in the 19th century when it comes to education.

Bamberg County Council chairman Alzena Robinson wanted to know how Rex would develop a relationship with local government. Noting the importance of a grassroots consensus that is needed to recruit businesses in South Carolina, Rex said local government has to be the first string in job development and planning. “One of my plans is to develop an office of “Job Creations” that will be made up of regional representation who will develop regional portfolios with uniform information for the purpose of job development in some of our rural areas,” Rex explained.

Bamberg City Council member Janeth Walker wanted to know how the democratic candidate planed to undo what has been done with teachers in South Carolina. Rex said “we have to make a commitment to pay our teachers on the national average. Our students need our best teachers,” he said.

Walley wanted to know where Rex stood on Foster Care issues. “First of all, we have to have a governor who does not think of our children as stray animals. If we would make a commitment and invest in our neediest citizens, we would be able to compete as a state and it takes political guts to do it.”

“I am running because South Carolina needs a turnaround Governor. My turnaround mission will be to create jobs, create a growing economy, lead a government committed to accountability and living within its means.” Rex said South Carolina should be a state committed to improving schools, and leadership that accurately reflects our values. “For too long, our government has been distracted and defined by narrow special interests, and it's time to put our people”, noted Rex.

UniHealth Post Acute Care

Jerry E. Halmon, Staff Reporter

Even though the formerly Bamberg County-owned Bamberg Nursing Center now UniHealth Post Acute Care of Bamberg has undergone a change in ownership, the new Administrator of the facility that employees over 100 people from mostly within the County, says the word needs to go out that they are still a part of this community and want to be quality driven.

Along with what the company is doing to reach out to the community, Reeves wants the public to know about what is actually happening inside the facility that has undergone more than $1 million dollars in renovations Reeves said.

Some of the improves made or planned for the nursing center include: The addition of a mini-theatre, a café, WIFI connections, a brand new rehabilitation area, renovations to the nurses’ station, new carpeting, renovations to the dining room and even a Starbucks Coffee.

Honorary Degree

At the May 6, 2010 Graduation Ceremony at the University of South Carolina Aiken, renowned artist Jim Harrison was awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts by University President Dr. Harris Pastides. The honor was bestowed on Harrison for his many successful years as a professional artist, the prestige he has brought to the University and the State, and his generosity to a wide range of charitable organizations.

"Jim Harrison is a true South Carolina treasure," said Dr. Tom Hallman, USC Aiken Chancellor. "He is an incredible artist and person who shares his talents with so many. Over the years, his artwork has brought joy to many people and his generosity to so many charitable causes has benefited our state in countless ways. The University was very pleased to recognize his contributions will this well deserved honor."

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