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Bamberg County Memorial Hospital officials say that its planned re-opened obstetrics clinic will open as an out-patient clinic for now. The clinic will be operated as an out-patient clinic for now with OB/GYN’s Dr. Gasnel Bryan and Dr. Margo Hein- Muniz providing some out-patient procedures because of a federal law that requires the medical staff to live within 30 minutes of the facility. The doctors will not be doing deliveries at this point it was noted.

Bamberg County Memorial Hospital Principal Administrator Carl Menist noted at the hospital board’s April 27, meeting that work is underway now to get the hospital certified for OB-GYN services.

“The plans are after we get started with the out-patient clinic and working with our credentialing committee and medical staff to make sure we’re on the same page with them to see what they can do on an out-patient basis,” Menist said. Menist, added “actually we have work underway now to get the hospital certified for OB/GYN services, however they will have to do something’s.”

In a press release in December 2009 former hospital administrator Roy Vinson announced the closing of the BCMH Obstetrics Unit effective December 31, 2009. Bamberg County Memorial Hospital Principal Administrator Carl Menist informed hospital board members at their March meeting that the obstetrics unit at the hospital would be reopening in the near future, three days per week, staffed by two doctors and a physician’s assistant.

• Also during the meeting Bamberg County American Red Cross Executive Director Harvey Kling presented Hospital Board Chairwoman Lou Ann Carter with a plaque for the contributions the hospital has made to the Red Cross. “Without the hospital the Red Cross would not be here,” Kling told board members. Carter thanked Kling and the Red Cross “for all you do for the community.”

• It was noted in the financial report that the hospital had a profit of $75,000 for the month. Year-to-date the hospital has shown a profit of $488,000.

• Hospital board members approved unanimously the appointment of Genie Bellamy to the Hospital’s Foundation Board.

• Hospital board members asked officials of the hospital to do some internal polling of the hospital staff to determine what their feelings are concerning making the hospital campus smoke free. “This is something we really should look into,” Board Chairwoman Lou Ann Carter said.

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