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You made the right decision...

I would like to commend three Bamberg City Council members and the Bamberg Mayor for doing the right thing at the April 12th meeting. An elected official's job is not always an easy one and sometimes there will be those who disagree with your decision. The most important thing is to make the right decision and do what is best for the ones that elected you.

I fully agree with the decision of banning Rex Williams from attending any more council meetings concerning the basketball court at the Ness Sports Complex in Bamberg.

First of all, Rex Williams is not a citizen of Bamberg County, he lives in Orangeburg County. And from what I understand, we already have a basketball program for the City of Bamberg and we need to focus on being able to fund it and do whatever it takes to maintain it, with reference to the city’s financial status at this time.

In reference to the condition of the basketball court at the Ness Sports Complex, it appears that all past requests concerning the court have been addressed.

According to a letter from the recreation committee, that was read at the April 12th meeting, it was noted that Rex Williams has a criminal record.

Just recently it was reported on WIS TV 10 News that Rex Williams was arrested in the Town of Norway on drug charges.

Now, I don't know about the rest of you out there, but I personally don't think we should give him the time of day when it comes to being around our children in the City of Bamberg or give him any kind of say concerning our children's sport programs or facilities.

And for the other three council members that voted not to ban him from the meetings...what were you thinking of?

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