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Sacrifice now or pay more later!

We are having this referendum because of the deteriorating condition of the schools and the needs of Bamberg One’s children …Not for the benefit of any one individual or a specific group of people.

It seems that with all the bickering, the reason somehow got lost in the shuffle and it is now an ‘Us against Them’ referendum.

Because someone cared about my educational needs 50 years ago, I was able to attend school in new buildings. And I can tell you that times were really hard back in those days, a lot harder than it is now, but the citizens of Bamberg were willing to make a sacrifice so that we, the children, could get the education that all children deserve.

If we don’t do it now, it will happen later. Legislature might have to intervene and take control. It will be out of our hands then and their will be no decision making on our part if it comes to that.

The future of our children is at hand and when you start taking chances with their education, it starts getting kind of scary.

Education is the backbone of our nation, without it we can not move forward. We should never try to cut corners and make do when it comes to the future of our nation…Our children are our nation’s future.

There is nothing we can do about taxes…We will be paying taxes until we die…it is a fact of life.

I never will forget what my sixth grade teacher, Mr. James Heath Blake, told me in class one day. “There are two things in life that you will have to do…pay your taxes and die.”

I think he was right.

The time is now or pay more later.

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