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City of Denmark receives Unqualified Opinion Print E-mail
Written by Jerry E. Halmon   

The City of Denmark received an “Unqualified Opinion” on its 2012 Audit. City Finance Director Rusty Munoz noted at Council’s November 19th, meeting that an “Unqualified Opinion” was the “best opinion” an agency could receive in giving some brief highlights of the audit. Munoz noted the city had a net decrease in net assets of $104,000. Assets overall for the city went down a little over $265,000, which was noted as normal for the city.

“A normal operating occurrence for this city,” Munoz said, adding, “For this city, normally increases in assets are associated with increases in grant money.” Because of the “substantial in- flow of grant money” recently, Munoz said the city will probably see “a substantial” increase in net assets this fiscal year. It was noted that examples of items to increase the city’s net assets on next year’s audit were the new library going up, new liners in the water system, and grant money for the fire department to purchase new walkie talkies and pagers.

Munoz in his update of the city’s regular finances said, “everything is pretty much as expected” with “slightly more” expenditures than revenues this year in the general fund, “which is expected” he said.

Also during the meeting, Denmark Police Chief Leroy Grimes reported his department created 95 new case files including: DUS, hit and run, vehicle collision, failure to stop for blue light, simple assault, assault and battery, public disorderly conduct, burglary, CDV, simple possession of marijuana, possession of Cocaine, liquor law violation, vandalism, missing person, trespassing, shoplifting, animal complaint, etc. Chief Grimes noted the Victim’s Advocate position has been filled.

Department of Public Works General Manager Cedrick Hudson reported the department had a visit from Fred Taylor of DHEC to discuss hydrants fire flow procedures. He noted additional information requested by DHEC will be forwarded to them. Hudson reported the department ran new water and sewer lines to the new library. The holiday garbage pickup schedule was announced with picks on the Westside of the city on Tuesday and on the Eastside on Wednesday. He reported the department repaired 17 water leaks. The department continues to improve the city’s appearance by installing 911 signs and identification signs on water wells, water tanks and lift stations. Hudson also noted the department employees have new shirts so they can be properly identified.

Councilman Calvin Odom stated he received several complaints from Alexander Circle residents concerning coloration in the water. Hudson noted some flushing of hydrants was done in the area and the residents’ concerns would be addressed on Tuesday. Hudson stated he would like for residents with water problems to address him personally so their concerns could be addressed one-on-one.

In the fire department report, it was reported that the department responded to 18 calls. It was noted that on average 11 firefighters attend training meetings, 16 attend business meetings, on average eight members respond to fire calls and a total of 21 members on the roster. Dalton Gardner was welcomed to the department as a new certified fire fighter. The department is still making 911 signs that may be purchased for $20 each.

City Administrator Heyward Robinson reported the Denmark Christmas Parade will be held on December 1st, starting at 1:00 pm with the lineup starting at 12:00 noon at Shuman Owens on South, Carolina Avenue and proceeding to Jim Harrison Park. The Grand Marshal for this year’s parade is The Advertizer Herald Staff Reporter/Sports Editor Jerry Halmon. Robinson noted the city planted 10-Dogwood Trees at the new library. Former Denmark Mayor and businessman Sam Neeley recently completed training of the Planning and Zoning Commission and the lagoon project is underway.

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